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Martha Alexandra Cabral Aldaco
ÂĄHola!, Me llamo Martha y me gustarĂ­a ser voluntaria por que me parece bastante gratificante ayudar. Soy una persona que tiene muchas ganas de ayudar y me considero bastante competente para realizar diverso tipo de actividades n.n .
— Martha Alexandra, Mexico
Vera Janowski
...I am very passionate about understanding other cultures, the environment and its protection, my racing bike, my running shoes, various books (favorite authors include: amin maalouf, jonathan franzen, patrick sĂŒskind...), art, especially photography and modern art ...I am in general very curious and interested in various topics... ...I am very open-minded... ...I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to not only to travel to many European countries but also to Russia, Pakistan, China, Africa, South America (Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile)
— Vera, Switzerland
fatih gunay
hi!!my name is fatih.ı m 25 years old.ı m an accountant.ı m a very happy and friendly person.ı want to work in outside.( in europe..)and ı want to meet with new people.ı want to contant with them.ı do not have any money but ı have very love...god be with you..
— fatih, Turkey
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